Feature Flags, Toggles & A/B Testing

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SDKs for Feature Flags

If you’re ready to dive right into writing code, read on:

For single-user, client-side applications, we have:

For multi-user, server-side applications:

Account sign up and API key

Regardless of the SDK you pick, you will need to create a free Statsig account or be invited to join an existing project. This will give you access to the Statsig console, where you can generate an API key.

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 5 01 18 PM

To get started, check out one of our guides, like building your first feature.

Or, if you want to poke around on your own, we recommend taking a quick tour around the console, and setting up a Feature Gate or Dynamic Config to use when you start integrating with an SDK. Our SDKs function as a bridge to your Statsig console – once you have integrated an SDK into your application, you can update Feature Gate conditions or Dynamic Config values directly in the console, with your application responding immediately to the new values!


I don’t see my language listed, can I still use Statsig?

We just released our beta, which includes a few SDKs, as well as an HTTPS API. If none of these fit your needs, let us know! Email tore [at] statsig [dot] com. We’re working hard to bring the power of Statsig to your client or server with more SDKs coming every week.

I want to run an A/B test, can I use Statsig for that?

You can run A/B tests by opening up a partial rollout on any Feature Gates. You then analyze the results of the experiment in the “Pulse” tab of the console. We’re actively working on support for multivariate experiments (A/B/…N tests), mutual exclusivity for experiments, and much more. Keep checking back or follow our blog for updates!