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Ruby Server SDK

This SDK is written in Ruby, and is open source and hosted on github.

The Basics

Get started in a few quick steps.

  1. Create a free account on statsig.com
  2. Install the SDK
  3. Initialize and use the SDK

Step 1 - Create a free account on www.statsig.com

You could skip this for now, but you will need an SDK Key and some Feature Gates or Dynamic Configs to use with the SDK in just a minute.

Step 2 - Install the SDK

If you are using Bundler, add the gem to your Gemfile from command line:

bundle add statsig --version ">= 0.1.5"

or directly include it in your Gemfile and run bundle install:

gem "statsig", ">= 0.1.5"

Step 3 - Initialize and use the SDK

Initialize the SDK using a Server Secret Key from the statsig console:

require 'statsig'


# Now you can check gates, get configs, log events for your users.
# e.g. if you are running a promotion that offers all users with a @statsig.com email a discounted price on your monthly subscription service,
# 1. you can first use check_gate to see if they are eligible
user = StatsigUser.new({'email' => 'jkw@statsig.com'})
if Statsig.check_gate(user, 'has_statsig_email')
  # 2. then get the discounted price from dynamic config
  price_config = Statsig.get_config(user, 'special_item_prices')
  @sub_price = price_config.get('monthly_sub_price')

# 3. log the conversion event - 'purchase_made' - once they make the purchase
Statsig.log_event(user, 'purchase_made', 1, {'price' => @sub_price})

More Information

For more information, see our SDK documentation on github.